Goodbye, but also hai?

Hi, friends! So, an update:
I’m going to drop this whole See What Else thing.

Er, well – more like… put this thang down, flip it, reverse it.
Here’s why.


When Peter and I envisioned this trip, we envisioned a whole digital plan with it: We’d co-blog every week. Peter would learn Adobe Premiere and co-vlog, too. We’d alternate taking dramatic ‘grams of each other In The Natures. We’d fill our champagne flutes with Likes and muahaha as Follows rained down upon our tanned faces, etc etc.




But time tells the truth, y’all. And what did time tell, after two months of being able to do 1000% anything we want, pretty much 24/7?

I’m a bonafide Millennial social media garbage fire, and Peter’s not. When we get a few hours of solid broadband at a public library, I throw myself at WordPress and Instagram; Peter gets cozy with Reddit and eleventy different Tim Ferris-y podcasts. I love posting to the Innanets about all the mess I’m up to, but that’s just not Peter’s thing. We make sweet, tender love to good wifi in different ways.

And that. Is. Okay.


Me, bein’ natch


For a while, I made myself feel bad for loving social media and tried to resist the urge to connect. To be ~disconnected~ seemed enlightened and self-actualized, and also seemed to imply your skin was clearer, you slept more purely, your crops thrived, etc. I thought I’d come to New Zealand and ~*disc0nnect*~, because the c00ler thing is to ~not be iNto $0cial med!a.~ ~LivE in the m0’.~ HEADSPACE APP.

However, listen. I’ve gotten to know myself a lot these past few months, and there’s just no time in this economy/administration to play games with your insides.

Posting, connecting, creating and editing and publishing: I love this shit, I do it well, I meet incredible people and it gets me incredible opportunities. It’s a waste of energy to convince myself otherwise. More power to those who agree and disagree. Wherever you stand, it’s just good to know your truer self, isn’t it?

But as much as I enjoy snorting strong wifi through my actual nostrils, I do not have time for multiple digital personalities. One or two channels are enough fa’ me (and probably already too much for you).


flowers small
I am this flower; this flower is me


So, final tea is: I won’t be posting on this See What Else blog or IG anymore.

will continue to post like a maniac about travel, money, teen stuff and brownness from my OG personal channels – my blog, my @heyberna Instagram, my @heyberna Youtube.

(And, I’ll be chronicling all this blogger n00biness through Ticket 2 Blog, a totally new podcast we launched that I’m learning a shit ton from! But you knew that, right?)


If these trees could talk, they’d say… “Berna WRAP IT UP, who c a r e s”


You, excellent reader, obviously don’t have to do anything. Or care at all. In fact, most of you already followed my original crap and are here because you’re supportive and excellent and I generally don’t deserve you! So, literally, do nothing. You’re perfect and I love you.

If you’re new to my shenanigans and you care, follow me at my original blog,, Instagram and Youtube; I’m continuing the travel party there. All these blogs live at now, too. I promise to (try not to) move around anymore!

‘Sjust a little detour, and I’d love if you came with.


See you on the flippity flip!


Onward! Catch me at:

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